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Electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as e-cigs or vapor cigarettes, are fairly new to most people, though they have been around for over 5 years now. Many people have made the switch to electronic cigarettes, because there are several advantages to vaping over smoking analog cigarettes.

Try our delicious and exclusive USA Premium/Gourmet Ape Juice™, made with Food Grade ORGANIC VG, Food Grade PG and Food Grade Flavoring, to offer only the freshest and tastiest vaping experience!

New to vaping and need assistance picking the right product? See our New To Vaping Guide. Feel free to call us for assistance for choosing the right kit and e-juice for your specific needs.

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Why Switch to Vapin'?

About Electronic Cigarettes | Vapor Cigs

Electronic cigarettes, also know as vapor cigarettes, or e-cigs, were introduced to the U.S. market in 2007 and offer an alternative to smoking tobacco. Most “e-cigs” are similar enough in appearance to be mistaken for regular cigarettes, but one look inside and you’ll see the main difference: E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco. Instead, e-cigs heat up liquid nicotine, which turns into a vapor that smokers inhale and exhale. An electronic cigarette contains a plastic cartridge that serves as a mouthpiece and a reservoir for liquid, an “atomizer” that vaporizes the liquid, and a battery.

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5 Benefits of Vapin'

1Substantial cost savings. The average 1 pack/day smoker can vape for about $7.50/week!

2No smoke smell or secondhand smoke

3No ash or cigarette butts, and no tar

4Choose from about 100 flavors

5Consists of only about 4 ingredients, as opposed to over 500 ingredients in analog cigarettes (nearly 4,000 when smoked!)

About our USA-made e-Liquid Ape Juice™

Here at Vapin’ Apes™, we offer a large selection of USA Made Ape Juice™ e-liquid (e-juice), mixed and distributed by our very own vapin’ experts! All Ape Juice™ uses only Food Grade ORGANIC VG, Food Grade PG, and Food Grade flavoring!

Here at Vapin’ Apes™, we mix and sell our own e-liquids, Ape Juice™, to ensure you get superior quality, exceptional flavor, and only the truest ingredients. Over 60 Premium Gourmet Flavors and growing, in all strengths!

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Cost Savings!



*We have based the cost savings below based on our local rates of $6/pack.

Customer Testimonials

This place is THE BEST vape store in cape/fort myers. The employees are helpful and go out of their way to make you happy. The flavors are extremely tasty even for a picky person like me. I will be a repeat customer.

- Jessica, Lee County, FL

Kris…I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with your product, Billy hasn’t had a cigarette since he started Vapin…..He likes it and I love not having to smell tabacco on his clothes! Thanks a million!

- Pam, Lee County, FLL

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